"Each year, thousands of people are victims of dog attacks.
Often times, the wounds inflicted by a dog can be serious
enough to require reconstructive surgery or even death.
The sad fact is that far too often, the victim is a child."
The State of Arizona imposes strict liability on the
owner of a dog that bites a victim. Strict liability means
owner is presumed to be liable without having to
prove negligence
. Further, liability can be extended to
those who have custody of the dog even if they are not
the legal owner.
A successful dog bite victim is entitled to be  
compensated for the following damages
You owe it to yourself and your family to make sure you
obtain the maximum possible recovery for your dog
bite injuries.

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Dog Bite Injury
" I was frantic when I
hired David Higgins to
represent me in the dog
bite attack, since another
attorney had turned down
the case.  David was
wonderful, going
step-by-step, which
culminated in a large
judgment and award for
me.  Do yourself a favor
and seek David Higgins as
your legal
representative-you'll be
pleased that you did."

-Harriet Bodzin
Phoenix, AZ
  • The Costs of all medical care, including ambulance
    charges, medication costs, doctors’ bills, emergency
    room and hospital costs
  • The estimated costs for future medical care to treat
    wounds and reduce or eliminate wounds, scars and
  • The cost to replace damaged or destroyed personal
  • Counseling costs
  • Loss of earnings
  • Compensation for injuries to or loss of life of pets
    due to a dog attack.
Should we take your case, representation for all personal injury
and wrongful death matters is on a contingency basis. This
means there is
NO FEE until the case is settled. The exact
contingency percentage and associated costs to the client are
discussed in the consultation with the attorney.